Method 1

  1. Open “Routes” in the toolbar at the top of your page.
  2. Select “New” in the left toolbar to create a new route.
  3. Enter the name you wish the route to have.
  4. Select the date when the route is to be driven.
  5. Select the device the route is to be driven by.
  6. Enter the addresses to be added to the route, with the first address being your depot.
  7. The addresses can be added one-by-one or a list can be created in the search bar and all addresses can be added at once.
  8. Optimise the route.
  9. Save the route.


Method 2

  1. Open the “Address” list in the toolbar at the top of your page.
  2. Select the addresses that need to be part of the list by clicking in the box to the right of the address so that a tick appears.
  3. You can use the Filter to search for addresses.
  4. Select the drop down button next to the filter and choose “New route from selected”.
  5. A new route with all your selected address is created.
  6. Fill in your route details as done in steps 3 to 5 in Method 1.
  7. Optimise the route.
  8. Save the route.